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How to score a 7+ in IELTS Writing

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Do your research thoroughly because your future is at stake.

The writing module in IELTS has generally been the most challenging section for test takers. Candidates applying for the Canadian Permanent Residency are expected to score 7+ bands in this section. It becomes necessary to take classes for the same. Particularly if you believe that your academic English is not up to the mark. Furthermore, This test is based on certain performance standards which are integral to a good score in writing and are explained and monitored by qualified trainers.

Before beginning the course on writing, which helps you garner the ability of developing ideas and structuring them subsequently. It is essential to understand the fundamentals of writing. This is a course which requires one-on-one sessions in addition to some relevant lectures.

Choose the best IELTS institute in Panchkula

Canadian School of IELTS, Sector 7 Panchkula, is superlative when it comes to their sought after program in IELTS writing. The Master Trainer, Isha Vasisht is highly competent and has an exhaustive experience of 9+ years. Her forte has invariably been writing and has managed to assist 1000+ students in achieving their dreams. Her ability to understand the weaknesses of the test takers and then design an individual customized course, covering all aspects pertaining to writing such as Vocabulary, Grammar, Content and Finesse in writing are well embedded and have proved to be beneficial to many.

Not to forget, the last minute tips work like magic and get you a 7+.

Majority of demo-classes are for the purpose of luring students. No institute which is genuinely understanding the need and truly offering the course in right spirits, would ever want to market itself by offering a “Demo-class” which also distracts the students already enrolled for the course. Checking through the results, reviews, a look at the Centre and meeting the requisite/designated trainer in person is more effective.

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