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Nonchalance over selecting the best IELTS institute

A Number of times, promising test takers are seen as extremely serious about sitting for the exam.

They look forward to do their research prior to getting themselves enrolled at the Best Coaching Centre. However, when it finally comes to making a choice they are conveniently duped by a mere discount of INR 500/- in the course fee.

For a decision that will clearly pave the way to a lucrative Journey ahead, it is easily manipulated through discounts and a fancy “Demo-class”

Is the discount really worth it?

The cost of taking the IELTS exam is currently INR 14000/- which goes for a toss. In conjunction with this, the time, effort and mental anxiety that a candidate undergoes, is all undermined.

Ask yourself these questions before you are certain as to whether you really took a prudent decision.

1. Is the institute really capable of producing results? Have I browsed through their results and made a Comparative analysis?

2. Have I spoken at length with the respective trainer? A 10-15 min conversation with the person, to whom you are going to trust blindly, is certainly a must.

3. Many institutes showcase different examination’s results. Do you really think that a PTE score can be equated to IELTS.

4. Are the trainers capable of evaluating your writings and speakings? Are they even aware of the performance standards?

5. Last, but not the least, more important than a demo class is the ability to understand their course outline and whether they possess the requisite resources or not.

6. What is their teaching methodology? How do they intend to assist you in improving all the 4 modules?

Debunk the myth of ‘the older the better’ check for the batch size and the number of students willing to take classes there. If the batch size is a decent number. It clearly implies, the institute is highly recommended as majority of them are references.

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